Our Products

Safe Cardano Mobile Wallet

Safe Cardano mobile and hardware wallets are going to supporttrade, buy and exchange Cardano-based assets. The users can perform multiple transactions every day. Instead of traditional models where the customer pays a specific fee for each transaction, Safe Cardano will start providing customers with a subscription-based monthly plan to pay for transactions.

Safe Cardano Desktop Wallet

Safe Cardano desktop wallet Easly installed on a desktop or laptop computer that can be very helpful in your cryptocurrency transactions to a great extent. Cardano is the most feasible and widely used cryptocurrency for making digital currency transactions. Enjoy safe digital currency transactions with desktop wallet download.

Safe Cardano Blockchain Bridge

Safe Cardano a protocol and framework for building and connecting Cardano compatible blockchain networks. The Safe Cardano Blockchain works as a bridge between the Cardano eco system and Safe Cardano there by enabling higher TPS. Parallel Blockchains help high throughput and less transaction times across the network.

Dapps on Safe Cardano

Decentralized finance apps can be deployed on Safe Cardano Blockchain which allows dApps to speed up payments, enabling nearly instant payment settlement through specialized application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) integration. This process allows dApps, merchants, and users to instantly accept or pay in any type of cryptocurrency — though usually in ADA.